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Tuesday 7 August 2012

Jenn & Christian: Bermuda Wedding

Right after college they worked together as pastry cooks in the same restaurant. They dated for about a year then it started to get pretty serious. Neither of them felt ready though, so they decided to part ways and remain friends as they both had a lot of growing up to do. They would see each other from time to time but both had other relationships. Three years ago Chris called Jenn out of the blue and they talked for hours about how complicated matters of the heart can be but that how whenever they talk it seems so easy and as if no time has lapsed. They found their way back to each other and in October 2010, Chris popped the question while they were on holiday in Jamaica. They both love islands and after their first trip to Bermuda last April, they decided that it was on this island that they wanted to get married. It rained every day they were here and they were in a bit of a panic, but miraculously, on the day of the wedding the weather was absolutely perfect.
Your wedding was beautiful, you two were adorable together and your story of reuniting is lovely. It was wonderful to be a part of your day - thank you...

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