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Monday 24 August 2015

Celia and Aaron's Bermuda Wedding

Every summer Aaron's father takes his boat to Bermuda for the month of July to take part in the island's big game fishing tournaments. Celia and Aaron came to visit last summer, and fell in love with the island - it's beaches, architecture, people, food, etc. When they got engaged they knew they wanted a small, intimate, destination wedding and didn't want to do any of the cliche destinations like Hawaii or Jamaica. If they were going to ask their friends and family to spend time and money travelling to their destination wedding, they wanted to ask them to go somewhere truly special, that they may not have thought to visit otherwise. Additionally, Aaron's father having friends and acquaintances in Bermuda helped a lot in the early stages.
"We almost had to move the wedding inside. It was grey and rainy all morning. At around 4pm I was told that they were setting up the ballroom, and that the ceremony would have to be moved inside because the forecast was calling for thunderstorms for the remainder of the night. I insisted that we wait until the very last minute to make the decision... I didn't come all the way to Bermuda to get married in a ballroom. At around 5pm the clouds broke and the sun came out. It was absolutely beautiful... and was probably one of the luckiest times in my life."
It really was amazing how the weather changed so drastically. Thank you both for a lovely afternoon; your wedding was beautiful!

"I didn't want to get married on the beach, and wanted a venue that would be convenient for the guests. We loved that we were able to have the ceremony and reception at the same venue, but in two different locations, and I think the guests liked that they could hang out at the pool all day, and walk straight from their room to the ceremony. We also love the view overlooking the harbor, and thought that being in Hamilton would be most fun and convenient for guests and that the recent renovation and opening of the new beach club were added benefits. Additionally, it was close to Mad Hatters, the rehearsal dinner venue. The ceremony took place on the Regency Terrace and the reception in the Harbourview Ballroom."

Remnants of the mornings storm left me a few puddles to play with...

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