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Monday 16 March 2009

Holland Park : Bermuda Photographer

I have spent the last 9 months living in London and have done several portraits in Holland Park. I had been to the park hundreds of times as a child as my grandmother lived nearby. It really is a magical place; the combination of forest and planted beds and the ever-changing foliage is glorious. And the light here is soft and diffused with a wonderful silvery quality. Here are some of my favourites from three portrait sessions there - from April, July and November. It is incredible how much the park totally changes.

Raj and Mia 7 April 2008
It was a particularly cold spring day and had actually snowed two days before. But Raj's coat was fabulous and Mia's little pink dress was too cute.

The Mills Family 19 July 2008

Cece was just yummy! Those eyes are divine and she is the sweetest, most expressive baby.

The Stern Family 18 November 2008
Their clothes worked perfectly with the gorgeous rusty hues of the autumn leaves. It is great when all the colours complement each other.

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