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Friday 27 March 2009

Cards and Albums

I have been designing cards and books for my clients for about a year. I worked for a publishing company for five years and along with doing the photography for a variety of magazines, I was the graphic designer for one of them. It has been a pleasure returning to design, particularly the books - to preserve the cherished memories from your wedding day or the wonderful moments from childhood. I am hoping that clients really think about having a book done from their wedding or portrait session as it is a great way to have the photographs accessible. Sadly in this digital age, our photographs often never come off the computer. It would also be helpful to know before the day if you might like to do a book as some of the images I shoot will be a little different. I'll shoot more details, textures and scenery and leave space for text, or plan spreads, making sure that the important parts not be too close to the binding. Click here to go to the website. And here are some pages from two of the books and a few cards...

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