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Thursday 26 July 2012

I have created a Monster!

Her name is Saturday... I was driving home last weekend and this wee thing was all by herself in the middle of the road. Oh... what was I supposed to do? I know there is a huge feral chicken problem, but the thought of her being run over or eaten by a rat or a cat was too much for me to bear. So I picked her up and here we are. She is so funny, and it is fascinating to see how much she is changing every day. She does this little yoga move where she slowly and gracefully picks up one foot and stretches it behind her. It cracks me up every time. But she is also a little menace... she likes to be held, or sit on my feet or my shoulder or my arm. And when left alone in her box she chirps, then squeals. So out she comes... Oh my, it is going to be a long summer...

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