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Saturday 7 July 2012

Sam and Logan

I have known Jen for most of my life as she was one of my sisters childhood friends. For the last few years though, I have spent far more time with her as she is one of the ballet teachers at In Motion. I photographed her family a few years ago but as the girls have changed so much, Jen thought it was definitely time for another portrait session. We talked about what to do and decided that it would be lovely to capture the girls doing the activities they love and what Jen spends her life driving them to and from. 
Sam is happiest upside down, she has been that way since she was tiny. She is generally quiet, but Jen thinks she can be her true self in the gym. She has been on the Bermuda Gymnastics team for five years and absolutely loves it. Logan has always adored animals so riding was a great fit. She spends much of her time at Spicelands Stables and always rides Hugs a white dappled pony. As for dancing, with both girls having spent much of their childhood at the theatre with Jen, it was pretty likely that one of them would be keen. Logan is a lovely dancer and 
Thank you both for your patience and for enduring the rain...

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