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Tuesday 12 July 2011

Diana & Tom: Bermuda Wedding

They called their trip to Bermuda a 'familymoon' versus a honeymoon. It was a family holiday where Tom and Diana happened to wed in the middle. Their relationship has united their families as Tom shares in his vows...
"When we first met we became friends. Over time we fell in love. Several years ago, I gave you a gift; a bracelet of woven silver strands. I told you then I look forward to the day that our lives would be woven together like the strands of silver used to make that bracelet.
Here we stand in front of our families, committing ourselves to each other. From this day forward, our lives are woven together for the remaining days of our lives.
From this day forward; I promise to laugh with you in times of joy and comfort you in times of sorrow. I will share your dreams and support you as you strive to achieve your dreams. I will help you when you need it and step aside when you don't. I will remain faithful to you for the rest of my days. You are my best friend and I will love you and respect you always".
Thank you both for a lovely evening. It was an honour to capture your love, your joy and your beautiful family.

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