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Friday 15 July 2011

Macaulay & Alex: Bermuda Wedding

They met at Georgetown and after graduating they both lived in Manhattan for a few years. But now, Macaulay is in graduate school at Yale and Alex is working in Chicago. So not only was the wedding a weekend getaway for their family and friends, it was a special time forAlex and Macaulay to actually spend time together for more than just a few days. They have visited Bermuda several times over the past few years and decided they did not want a New York wedding, but an island escape. They kept Bermuda in mind while planning every detail; especially Macaulay says with her dress. She did not want a huge, glamorous gown, so found this lovely dress that flowed in the breeze and has blush undertones like Bermuda's sand. 
Becky Spencer and I photographed the wedding together; with big weddings it is a wonderful way to make sure that everything is covered and not rushed. I was with the girls, Becky with the boys. We shot the ceremony together, then afterwards, she went ahead to the reception to capture all the details and then the guests while I photographed the family, wedding party and the bride and groom. We then went down to the beach for a few more before they joined their guests. Thank you both for a fabulous afternoon - Macaulay you were a lovely bride and Alex, such a dashing groom! I do hope you managed to really enjoy all your time together...

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