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Sunday 17 July 2011

Sally & Adam; Bermuda Wedding

They first met in 2004 when Sally was doing an internship in the accounting department at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston. One of her responsibilities was to a wire report detailing what had come in from the insurance companies. Adam was one of the recipients of this weekly report and would reconcile the hospital's cash flow. Once he discovered who Sally was, he was determined to meet her. One day the email consisted of a $4 million payment, so Adam responded requesting that she deposit it into his Swiss account. He thought it was an amusing ice-breaker, Sally, being a young intern, was dubious and asked her boss what to do. I guess her boss did see the humour in it as Adam was not immediately carted off to prison. They began spending time together but did not go for a proper date until October 27th, 2005. Adam thinks Sally needed time to make sure he was not actually pilfering hospital funds. 
Sally is apparently a bit clumsy - which I find hard to believe, as on their wedding way, she was so beautifully graceful. But as the story goes, on their first date, Sally knocked over a full glass of water onto Adam's lap. Their has been much spilled water, and I suppose milk too - but you know what they say... On the morning of their wedding, they went to the beach to have a relaxing day before their 6pm ceremony. As they waded into the sea, Sally lost her balance. Adam leaned over and reached for her. Sally regained her footing, stood upright and shot directly into Adam's chin. His teeth went into his lip leaving him bloody and battered just four hours before their wedding. It was iced and fingers were crossed that the swelling would not be too noticeable in the photos. Well you were both adorable and I did not notice - and with all the kisses it can't be seen - so thank you for a lovely afternoon capturing your kisses... 

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