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Wednesday 27 July 2011

The Little Beach

It started on a beach, not a Bermuda beach, but a little beach on the South Shore of Massachusetts. Both the Caffrey and Pinto families have cottages at Gurnet Point. Jen's father and Tony's mother spent their childhood summers there as did Jen and Tony. They went boating and fishing, lobstering and claming on that little beach together but never actually met. Then they both went off to college, then to work, but both would return occasionally to that little beach and it was only once they were adults that they noticed each other. Jen developed a crush, but was too shy to introduce herself. Tony too was timid, so it was not until 2008 that their neighbour Dotty finally got them together. And it was actually Tony's father that invited Jen to go bass fishing with the family. The shy pair were finally introduced, but barely a word was exchanged that day. But then Tony began to invite Jen to go fishing... then lobstering, and then claming. And finally, on 17 July 2010 Tony proposed on Jen's 30th birthday on that little beach where they had spent their childhoods and fallen in love...

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